Amjad Al Samhan started the business as a wedding planner Kuwait, and has designed many wedding in Kuwait with best, unique and creative ideas. With continuous creativity and innovation of new wedding ideas, we succeeded in building our company name Amjad Al Samhan to be reputable and to be considered as one of the best wedding planners Kuwait.
With appreciation from our customers who strongly believed in us and dealt with us as a Kuwaiti wedding planner, we gained their trust and they referred our company name Amjad Al Samhan one of the names of wedding designers in Kuwait market. Amjad Al Samhan is nominated as best wedding designer Kuwait in terms of design creation and best wedding planner in Kuwait in terms of planning and management.
Having builded our strong profile, today we are considered as a role model to the newly established names of wedding planning companies in Kuwait, Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Riyadh, KSA, Oman and we are proud to be considered as a source of inspiration to them.
In UAE we have clients who approached us from across the names of wedding planners in Dubai UAE market and as well from Abu Dhabi; we have proudly gained their satisfaction based on their successful experience with us. Several event and wedding in Dubai were executed and fabulous wedding decorations were created with trendy themes and high end standards and execution matching the requirements set by UAE regulations. Our full awareness on UAE market with our strong team and having our logistical facility combined with our extensive experience makes it very easy to meet any client request for event management Dubai UAE.
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